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Available Services


Lawn aeration pulls plugs of soil from your lawn to allow oxygen, water, and other nutrients to get to the grass roots without the use of chemicals. Core aeration also helps prevent your lawn from becoming too compact which then can cause water to stand and become stagnate on your lawn. 


Lofinks Panhandle Lawn Care, LLC prides ourselves on the high quality fertilizer we use to strengthen your grass' roots as well as to create a healthy ecosystem in your soil and lawn.

We provide a 4 step fertilization program through the growing season.

  1. Early Spring - This application provides a fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicide. This will help  your lawn quickly become green while also controlling broad leaf weeds.  

  2. Late Spring/Early Summer - Your grass is busy growing by this point, so this application helps maintain healthy and quality growth. 

  3. Mid Summer - Summer heat, drought, and foot traffic are tough on lawns. This application encourage deep, healthy root growth.

  4. Fall- This application helps prepare your lawn for the dormant winter season while also helping promote healthy root stabilization.


Power Raking removes thatch and other organic debris from your lawn that exceeds 1/2 inch in thickness without damaging your grass. Power raking allows your lawn to breathe easier and root deeper. The best time to power rake your lawn are in early spring before your grass greens up.


Grubs can come back year after year and are annoying as well as destructive to your lawn. Lofinks Panhandle Lawn Care, LLC provides grub control and prevention in the 2nd application in order to keep those pesky pests away.


Lofinks Panhandle Lawn Care, LLC provides quality bare ground sterilant spraying services. We apply chemicals that will rid the soil of all living  vegetation. We can spray driveways, parking lots, fence lines, or any other areas you wish to be vegetation free.




Grass cutting is typically part of a homeowner's weekly chore list. How nice would it be to make this easier on yourself? Not only would it save you time, but we will have your lawn looking beautiful for you. 

Our pricing is transparent, meaning you know what you will pay before we provide services. We offer both weekly and bi-weekly mowing services.

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